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AI cybersecurity is a field that leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to protect data and devices. It can detect anomalies, scan for vulnerabilities and malicious activity, recognize patterns and behaviors that indicate a threat, and prevent intrusions.

The number of cyber attacks on business networks has increased over the years, with the average organization seeing 900 breaches per week. That’s an enormous amount of work for human security teams, who have to prioritize tasks based on the types of attacks and their potential damage.

Security is always changing, with new threats emerging every day. That’s why businesses must have a cybersecurity strategy that can adapt to the constantly changing landscape.

Keeping up with the change is tough, but a cybersecurity strategy with artificial intelligence (AI) will help you stay on top of the latest threats and avoid falling behind.

AI for cybersecurity enables you to prioritize and prevent different types of attacks, which is critical to preventing data breaches and improving overall security.

As malware is constantly evolving, security solutions must be able to detect it based on how it behaves compared to “normal” behavior without the need for a precise code signature. ML algorithms can draw on data from previously detected malware to detect new variants and stop them before they reach your network.

AI for cybersecurity also makes it easier to identify and prevent rogue access points, such as fake browsers and other malicious applications. It can also identify known vulnerabilities and help companies patch them before they are exploited.