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Cybersecurity is the protection of networks, systems, programs and businesses from attacks. It is vital for business as the world has become increasingly digital and technology plays a vital role in everyday life.

Cyberattacks can cause massive financial losses and affect the value of a company’s assets, including intellectual property, market insight, and IT systems. Keeping up with new technologies and developing cyberdefense practices is challenging for many organizations, as the threat landscape evolves quickly.

The growing regulatory landscape and continued gaps in resources, knowledge, and talent mean that organizations must continually evolve and adapt their cybersecurity approach. The following three cybersecurity trends are expected to impact corporate networks in the next few years:

Complex Environments: The modern corporate network sprawls over on-prem infrastructure and multiple cloud environments. This creates a difficult challenge for consistent security monitoring and policy enforcement across the entire IT infrastructure.

Heterogeneous Endpoints: Technological evolution and bring your own device (BYOD) policies make it more challenging to secure a range of devices that a business does not own or control.

Data Security: Protecting confidential data is a critical component of cybersecurity. It ensures that the information a business collects from customers is safe and can be used for legitimate purposes.

DR BC: The ability to maintain and recover operations in the aftermath of an incident, like a major power outage, fire, or natural disaster, is also a key component of cybersecurity. This subdomain covers processes, alerts, monitoring, and plans designed to help organizations prepare for this eventuality, as well as resuming their operations and restoring systems in the aftermath of such incidents.