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A botnet is a network of infected devices that are controlled by cyber criminals. These enslaved devices are used to commit cyber attacks such as DDoS, online scams and steal money and personal information.

A Botnet is a swarm of computers, internet-connected devices and network routers that are infected with malware. Once compromised, these devices can then be used to carry out cyberattacks, mainly targeted at financial institutions, online businesses, and government agencies.

Once a botnet has been established, it can be expanded by adding more infected devices into the network. Hackers can do this through phishing emails, malicious websites, and click fraud campaigns.

Computers are the most common device infected with botnet malware, but mobile phones and other internet infrastructure hardware can also be included. The technology market has become oversaturated with low-cost, low-security devices that make a perfect target for hackers.

The most popular type of botnet attack is DDoS, or distributed denial of service. It uses a large number of compromised machines to flood an online resource with fake traffic that overwhelms it, often knocking it out of operation.

These attacks are particularly common against banks, credit cards and other critical web services that are vital for everyday life. They can also disrupt electrical grids and other critical networks.

These malicious networks of enslaved devices are behind some of the most serious and damaging cyberattacks today. The cybercrime landscape has evolved to incorporate more and more automated threats, making it essential for companies to stay vigilant.