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Cyberthreat News provides information about the latest cyber threats and how to defend against them. From malicious attacks that threaten national security to those aimed at individuals, cybercrime is a growing threat.

Hackers, nation-states and spies target business and critical infrastructure for their own purposes. The ability to compromise a company or nation-state via cyber means is the hallmark of a skilled and capable threat actor.

In 2022, cyber criminals continued to widen their attack scope across all sectors and sizes, according to Trend Micro’s Rethinking Tactics report. The global security vendor says cyber-criminals are increasingly using backdoor malware and other malicious files to access network access points.

The risk of Russia’s hackers launching cyberattacks against Western targets is “highly likely” as economic sanctions against the country begin to bite, a leading cybersecurity expert has warned. Richard Staynings, chief security strategist at Cylera, believes Putin’s thugs would use attacks on the banking sector and critical national infrastructure to retaliate for their removal from the Swift international payments system, as well as for political reasons.

Defending against cyber attacks is an essential part of maintaining the nation’s security. By identifying, mitigating and shutting down attacks, threat actors lose their power and can be stopped before they have a chance to do any damage.

Malware (malicious software) is malicious software designed to perform a malicious task on a device or network such as corrupting data, taking control of the computer and stealing bank details. Other types of malware include spyware and phishing attacks that steal passwords and other sensitive information.