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Cyber-security focuses on protecting data from breaches, unauthorized access and other cyberattacks. These threats can cause serious damage to businesses, from customer data to financial loss and legal jeopardy.

Keeping data secure is key for every organization, and there are several different solutions to help. These include data backup, security login, and more.

The security of information involves three basic principles: confidentiality, integrity and availability. In other words, only people who need to know the information can access it. They must also be able to keep it safe from unauthorized use and change.

Confidentiality attacks happen when someone steals your personal information and then uses it for financial gain or to commit crimes. This can take the form of phishing, which is when hackers send you an email or file attachment that lures you into giving them your banking details or other private information.

Integrity attacks are similar but involve changing or removing sensitive information without your knowledge or permission. These are often targeted at government agencies, healthcare companies and other industries that store highly sensitive or confidential information.

Availability attacks are similar to integrity attacks but occur when hackers try to block your ability to access the information or force you to pay a ransom in order to gain access. This can result in significant losses or even the closure of an organization.

Cyber-security is a growing field that requires skilled professionals with both technical and human-oriented skills. While some roles may be more specialized than others, all cyber security experts need to be prepared to protect data and systems from the latest hacking techniques.