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Cloud Security

Cloud security involves protecting data and applications in the cloud, regardless of whether it’s hosted by a third-party cloud provider or within an enterprise’s own infrastructure. Cloud computing is a rapidly growing technology, and the responsibility for protecting data in the cloud continues to grow with it.

Managing security in the cloud requires a comprehensive approach that protects both physical and virtual resources, including servers, software and apps. This includes securing the network perimeter, using multifactor authentication and ensuring compliance standards are adhered to.

Controlling access to sensitive data and resources is a must in any organization. This can be challenging in the cloud, where employees work remotely and are often unsupervised.

Identity and Access Management solutions allow organizations to verify identities, restrict access to critical data and applications, and enforce least privilege policies. These tools also help IT gain visibility into cloud app usage and detect suspicious user behavior to prevent threats.

Zero Trust framework

With the rise of hybrid work models that provide flexibility for employees to work from a variety of locations, organizations need a new security model that protects people, devices, apps and data no matter where they are. Implement a Zero Trust security strategy to reduce the risk of data breaches by allowing only trusted people access to important cloud services and resources.

Disaster recovery

In the event of a cloud outage, organizations need a fast, efficient way to recover lost data and return to business operations. The best way to do this is by implementing a robust disaster recovery solution that can quickly restore critical services and support business continuity.