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Cybersecurity is a set of tools and techniques used to protect electronic data from hackers, spammers, malware and other malicious threats. This is a rapidly evolving field with a growing demand for skilled professionals.

Whether your career is in the government or private sector, your skills are essential to protecting companies and individuals from cyber criminals. A security breach can have a massive impact on the financial health of a company and also damage the reputation of customers.

A lot of the world is now dependent on technology, ranging from the Internet to connected home devices such as video doorbells and thermostats. While this benefits us in many ways, it also creates a wealth of vulnerabilities that criminals and hackers seek to exploit.

Cloud security, mobile device security and disaster recovery/business continuity planning are some of the most important areas where cybersecurity measures need to be implemented. Encryption is a popular technique to secure data from being intercepted and misused by hackers.

Employee awareness, training and education are key aspects to effective cyber security. These activities help employees keep their personal information safe and prevent them from getting infected with viruses.

Cybersecurity is a vital element to the success of any business, and if you are not implementing a strong cyber security strategy and process, it is time to get started! By implementing these strategies, you can ensure the safety of your sensitive data and improve your reputation with your customers.