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Cybercrime is a type of criminal activity that is committed using computers and other connected devices. It may include a variety of different crimes that can result in damage to the victim’s personal or financial data.

Cyber Crime is a growing area of law enforcement. The increasing speed and convenience of computers have made it easier for crime to be committed online. Computer-based variations of many financial crimes, such as cyber-fraud and money laundering, are becoming more common.

Identity theft (stealing someone’s personal information) and cyber extortion (demanding money to stop an attack) are some of the most common types of cybercrime. Ransomware attacks (a form of malware that encrypts a person’s files and requests a ransom to release them) are also very common.

Cryptocurrency fraud is another growing type of cybercrime, where people use computers to illegally acquire or manipulate digital assets. This includes mining cryptocurrency without having any of the resources required to do so, or misrepresenting it as an asset in a fraudulent way.

A variety of different government agencies are responsible for investigating cybercrime at both the federal and local levels. In the United States, the FBI’s Cyber Division is the primary agency responsible for tackling such crimes.

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly using a defense in depth approach to defending systems, networks and data against attacks. This is particularly important in light of the recent wave of security breaches that have affected investors and damaged share prices.