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Threat actors target consumers and businesses to steal login credentials, credit card details and other personal information. These data can be used to commit fraud or sold on cybercrime marketplaces. They also exploit trends in social media to generate interest.

Attacks can involve ransomware, malware, viruses or phishing. These attacks can disrupt operations and cause significant damage to an organization’s reputation.

Security professionals are responsible for protecting a company’s network from hackers and other cyber threats. These professionals can work as security administrators, security engineers or security architects.

Defending an organization against cyberattacks is a challenge for all organizations. It requires a broad understanding of the threats in a cyber environment and an ability to identify and respond to them quickly.

Career Opportunities in Cybersecurity

The cyberthreat landscape continues to grow and new threats emerge. As such, the field of cybersecurity continues to develop and expand, creating a wide range of career opportunities for people with both hardware and software skills.

Cyberthreats can disrupt business operations and damage a company’s reputation, as well as cause financial loss. These costs are a drain on an organization’s finite resources and decrease its competitiveness.

Cyber threats are a growing threat to Canadian companies and the economy. They can result in lost sales and revenue, customer loss, and the theft of intellectual property or sensitive information. They also cost organizations time and money to defend themselves, as well as their reputations.