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AI cybersecurity enables businesses to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to better protect their data, networks, and devices. This includes protecting endpoints and detecting malware or ransomware threats before they even arrive on the network.

The market for AI cybersecurity solutions is projected to grow rapidly. It is driven by the need for advanced technologies to protect against cyberattacks and the growing adoption of cloud-based security systems, according to Acumen Research and Consulting.

Cybercriminals are increasingly using AI in their attacks to bypass detection mechanisms. They are also leveraging AI to develop new attack vectors and techniques to increase their speed of attack.

Machine learning is the key technology in AI-based cybersecurity solutions, which analyzes data from firewall logs, intrusion detection systems, and other sources to find patterns that indicate a potential threat. These patterns can help to reduce false positives and identify a malicious event before it is detected by traditional antimalware and antivirus software.

Malware is constantly evolving, and AI can detect it by how it acts compared to “normal” behavior without needing a precise code signature. In addition, it can be used to detect zero-day threats that exploit vulnerabilities in the system.

In addition, AI-based cybersecurity systems can give teams up-to-date information about threats and their tactics to make critical decisions. They can also provide predictive intelligence of future attack strategies and how they are likely to impact an organization, helping companies plan and allocate resources more effectively. Prescriptive insights from AI analysis are also used to improve configuration and enhancement controls and processes to further strengthen cyber resilience.