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Botnets are network of hijacked Internet-connected devices that work together to launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, steal data, and send spam. They may also be used for phishing or online fraud.

How They Work

Bot herders infect computers and other devices with malware, then control the zombie networks to perform wide-scale cyberattacks. These zombie networks can range in size from thousands of compromised devices to millions of infected computers.

How to Protect Yourself from Botnets

Using antivirus software is the first step to preventing botnet infection. Antivirus software will identify bots in their infancy and eliminate them before they cause any damage to your system.

How to spot a Botnet presence on your device

If you notice an abrupt spike in bandwidth consumption or a noticeable drop in the speed of your internet connection, it could be because of the presence of a botnet. This is because bots consume a lot of bandwidth to perform DDoS or spam attacks.

How to eliminate a Botnet with Wallarm

A reliable anti-virus will help you detect the botnet malware and get rid of it before it causes any damage to your system. This will allow you to enhance the overall security of your computer and create a protective strategy.

Botnets are a major threat to your network and must be avoided at all costs. This requires a comprehensive security strategy that combines good surfing habits, software updates, and anti-virus protection.