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Cyberthreat News is a site that brings together cyber security news and analysis. It includes a daily newsletter, feature articles, and a podcast. They cover topics including ransomware, malware, phishing, DDOS attacks, and open source tools.

They also feature a section on critical vulnerabilities (CVEs) and other events in the cybersecurity news landscape. Their goal is to help information security professionals stay informed about important security incidents and events that may impact their organizations.

Keeping on top of the latest in cybercrime is essential. Here are some of our favorite sources to follow:

Naked Security – Owned by Sophos, this site is like an independent newsroom, publishing daily threat articles and delivering the latest in computer security issues and threats. They focus on breaking important cybersecurity stories, providing expert commentary, and engaging with readers about how to respond to those events.

SANS Internet Storm Center – This global cooperative cyber threat / internet security monitor and alert system is designed to track a wide range of network events and identify threats. Their daily handler diaries provide a comprehensive summary and analysis of cyberattacks, highlighting the most significant events.

Hacktivism & Social Engineering – Increasingly, hackers are using their technical skills and political clout to target government institutions, corporations, and individuals. They often do this by compromising their corporate networks or systems to gain access to sensitive information.

Terrorist Groups & State-Sponsored Attacks – Terrorist groups are less developed in cyber attacks than nation states but have the potential to present a substantial cyber threat. They typically use social engineering techniques to infiltrate and damage the online reputations of their targets.