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Cyberthreat News focuses on the latest threats in cybersecurity, with articles from leading security experts.

Whether you’re a cyber security professional, IT manager or consumer, it’s critical to stay informed on the latest threats and trends. Keeping up-to-date with Cyberthreat News can help you make informed decisions about the risks to your business, personal information and data, and how to respond.

New cyber threats emerge every day and pose a growing threat to businesses, governments, consumers and individuals worldwide. These threats include phishing attacks, ransomware, malware, zero-day exploits and supply chain attacks.

Healthcare is the focus of a major wave of cyber attacks targeting hospitals, medical centres and public institutions across the world. In these cases, hackers are leveraging the health crisis to mask their activities and take advantage of vulnerable systems.

Attacks are carried out via a variety of channels, including malicious websites and spam emails that trick users into downloading malware, spyware or trojans. Some of these attacks are carried out through drive-by downloads, malvertising and phishing campaigns that use social media or third-party advertising networks to spread malware.

Hackers also use rogue software, which is an untrusted piece of software that poses as legitimate, in order to gain access to sensitive data. These attacks can lead to a number of different types of damage, from theft and fraud, to reputational loss, identity theft or disruption of business operations.

Cyber security is a complex problem that requires a multi-layered approach to manage and protect an organization. It’s a costly and challenging process, requiring the right tools, processes and policies in place.