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Cloud Security

Cloud Security focuses on protecting data, networks and access to cloud-based apps and infrastructure. It is a growing area of concern as enterprises adopt the cloud to improve business performance and reduce costs.

Increasingly, cloud-based applications and data are being used for mission-critical services, such as banking, financial, legal, healthcare and retail. This requires a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that can protect the data, apps and networks on and off-site.

Achieving this requires a cloud-centric approach with a flexible architecture that is adaptable to meet changing needs. It also entails the use of security tools that are modular and versatile.

The best cloud security solution should be able to meet multiple standards, be easy to implement and use, and include an incident response (IR) process that can support case management, analysis, and investigation. It should be a comprehensive solution that includes features such as identity and access management (IAM), data loss prevention (DLP), firewalls, threat intelligence and encryption.

Cybersecurity is a complex topic, but it’s essential to ensure that your data and systems are safe. Here are some ways to enhance your cloud security:

Backup and Restore Data Regularly

A solid cloud backup strategy can help you reclaim lost or stolen data in the event of a data breach, theft or unauthorized change. This can be done with a home PC, an external hard drive or with cloud-to-cloud backups that are available from your cloud provider.

Strong Passwords are Always the Best Choice

A robust password policy is critical to secure your cloud storage buckets and any other database or app that stores sensitive data. It’s a good idea to add a mix of numbers, letters and special characters to your passwords for added protection.