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Phishing is an email scam that uses a fraudulent message to trick you into giving up your personal information. It is a type of cybercrime that can result in identity theft and financial losses.

The best way to avoid phishing is to know the warning signs and practice safe computing. This can help you to avoid falling for a phishing attack when using email, social media and other online services.

A phishing message is usually designed to look and sound like a legitimate request, such as a bank account alert, an account unlock message or an invitation to login to a website. It can also contain language that is urgent and promises something bad will happen if you don’t act now.

During the mid 2000s, phishing became more targeted and sophisticated. It was more common to target bank accounts, online payment systems and social media profiles in order to steal money.

Another growing area of phishing is targeting employees at companies and businesses. One common phishing scheme involves an email that looks like it comes from the boss at the company, telling the employee that their passwords are not working and that they must click on a link to fix them.

These kinds of emails are especially dangerous since they can lead to data breaches, enabling hackers to access the victim’s personal information. The best way to reduce the risk of a company or business becoming a target for a phishing scam is to ensure that all employees understand how to report suspicious emails and respond appropriately when they do receive a phishing email.