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Cloud Security

Cloud Security is the set of policies, controls and technologies that are used to protect data, infrastructure, and users from attacks in the cloud. It includes identity & access management, compliance, privacy, encryption and security information & event management (SIEM) solutions.

Keeping your data safe in the cloud is essential to ensuring you’re protecting your business against a variety of threats. These include a cloud service provider failing to provide adequate security controls and the user not understanding their role in data protection.

The cloud is a complex environment, with many different components – from physical network infrastructure to end-user devices – that can each pose their own security concerns. It’s also important to remember that the cloud is a persistent connection between all of these components and can expose your organization to threats even in the absence of a security breach.

You can take a proactive approach to securing your cloud data by using strong passwords, implementing encryption and backing up your files regularly. You should also segment your cloud services and re-adjust permissions to ensure only the most critical data is accessible.

Some of the best cloud security vendors, including Netskope and Lacework, offer a comprehensive set of services that can help you protect your entire cloud deployment from threats. For example, Lacework can monitor cloud workloads across public clouds, containers, serverless environments, and APIs. It can also help you understand how your infrastructure is layered and what your risks are through its polygraph functionality, which provides a visual representation of different cloud assets, workloads, APIs, and account roles.