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We share cyber threat intelligence, research and insights on the most important cybersecurity issues to help you protect your organization. This content is informed by the latest Microsoft threat data and research and is designed to provide a strategic perspective on current trends, tactics and techniques used by the world’s most prolific threat actors.

Increasingly Mobile and IoT-Related Risks: Top Cyber Security Stories of 2019

Cybercrime is increasingly going mobile as criminals look to take advantage of new technologies. This includes everything from Apple iPhone jailbreaks to rogue Android apps and 5G-related vulnerabilities, as well as threats to connected toys.

The Health Crisis: A Shift in Cyber Defences

The global health crisis has heightened cybersecurity risks, with threat actors launching attacks against the computer networks and systems of individuals, businesses and even global organizations. They are stealing personal information and targeting point-of-sale systems to commit fraud or to sell it on cybercrime marketplaces.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: A New Era of Ransomware Attacks

The health crisis is causing increased cybercrime activity as cybercriminals target hospitals, medical centres and public institutions for ransomware attacks. They may infect their systems by phishing through spam emails or by exploiting vulnerabilities.

DDoS and IoT-Related Risks: An Unexpected Threat to Infrastructure

A new wave of cyber attacks has emerged involving DDoS, IoT and AI-enabled disinformation. These malicious activities are aimed at disrupting internet and mobile communications, as well as rerouting traffic to cause outages and degrade service. These attacks are also affecting critical infrastructure such as water, electricity and aviation.