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Artificial intelligence (AI) cybersecurity is a powerful tool that can help you detect and prevent various types of threats. It also helps you assess systems quicker than humans, so that you can deal with your security problems in a timely manner.

AI cybersecurity is an important tool for securing your network, computers and business. It is essential for protecting against the threat of viruses, hackers and other cybercriminals.

Unlike traditional antivirus systems, AI-based security products can proactively detect new malware and protect your organization against it. It can analyze millions of data sets and detect behaviors that may be indicative of malware, such as phishing or cryptojacking.

As it learns from data, AI can quickly recommend the right policies for securing your networks and applications. It can also discover unknown threats, such as vulnerabilities that have yet to be patched by software providers.

Automating the creation of security policies – As hackers develop more sophisticated attack vectors, creating and maintaining security policies can become more time-consuming for human IT security teams. Using AI, security professionals can automate this process to ensure a zero-trust approach.

Recommending the right workloads – Network monitoring tools can be tedious to create and maintain. Without AI, security teams would have to comb through vast amounts of data to identify the correct connections.

Improved risk analysis and threat identification – AI is fast emerging as a must-have technology for enhancing the performance of IT security groups. It can help security professionals discover and prioritize risks, direct incident response and distinguish malware attacks before they occur.