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Cyber-security is the process of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks and illegal access by outsiders. It also protects against phishing schemes, ransomware, identity theft, fraud, and other types of security breaches.

Cyber Security is essential for any business or organization that relies on information technology to function effectively and efficiently. This includes financial institutions, medical and health care organizations, schools and colleges, retail, government agencies, etc.

Critical Infrastructure Protection: It is a form of cybersecurity that protects critical infrastructure such as network communications, data center, server, or IT center. It helps to limit vulnerabilities of these systems from corruption, sabotage or terrorism.

Application Security: It is a sub-domain of Cyber-security where cyber security experts are required to write secure code, design secure application architectures, implement robust data input validation and more. This ensures that unauthorized individuals do not access, modify, or decipher sensitive data.

Data Backup: It is a form of cybersecurity where it involves backing up data frequently and securely. This allows you to resume operations in the event of a disaster. It can also be used for business continuity planning, in case you lose access to your data or system due to a hacker attack.

Authentication: It is a form of cybersecurity where security measures like two-factor authentication or biometric scanning are employed to prevent hackers from fraudulently accessing your system. It also gives you the confidence of knowing that your data is safe and secure.