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Cybercrime is any illegal activity that uses computers and the internet. It can affect people on a personal or financial level, and it can also cause physical damage.

Digital identity theft, online harassment and cyberbullying are all forms of cybercrime that largely occur within social media. They are often defamatory, threatening and aimed at single individuals. These threats may also be directed towards a victim’s employer, colleagues or familiars.

Malware attacks are another form of cybercrime that can cripple a system and networks, leading to the loss of money or a critical service. These attacks can be carried out by a group of hackers or by one individual.

Ransomware is another form of cybercrime that involves a hacker encrypting files or information, making them inaccessible. These attacks can be aimed at businesses or individuals, and are used as a way of extracting money from a victim.

Email fraud is another form of cybercrime, which consists of phishing scams, malware delivered via sketchy attachments and links, and other forms of digital extortion. This is the second most expensive type of cybercrime, according to the FBI.

Cybercriminals can be found in just about every country, and some are even state-sponsored. They can sabotage nuclear plants and steal classified intelligence, among other things.

These attacks can be a threat to both businesses and individuals, and are a serious problem worldwide. However, there are ways to combat them and reduce your business’ exposure to cybercrime.