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Cyberthreat News is a comprehensive resource for information on cybersecurity issues, news and analysis. The site also features a number of tools and resources to help organizations identify vulnerabilities, prioritize standards, policies and controls.

Cyberattacks are the most serious threat to our nation’s security, and we must defend against them by identifying and responding to threats as quickly as possible. This will ensure we mitigate the impact of an attack and prevent it from recurring.

Hacking and cyber espionage from the public domain is becoming an increasingly common method of attack, with malicious software designed to spy on a device or network and steal data. This includes malware, spyware and phishing attacks.

Increasingly, threat actors are taking advantage of mobile technology and machine learning to conduct sophisticated cyber attacks. These attacks can take the form of a wiper attack, where data is deleted from a compromised device, or intellectual property theft, where stolen data is used to create new products or services.

Terrorist groups and corporate spies are also present in the cyber space, and are able to conduct industrial espionage by targeting key infrastructure of competitors or blackmailing them with access or material. They also often use social engineering techniques to lure individuals into giving up sensitive information, and may use distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to saturate networks with superfluous requests.

The healthcare sector is the most vulnerable to cyberattacks, with recent breaches ranging from ransomware and espionage, to AI-enabled disinformation campaigns. These attacks are largely targeted at the supply chain for COVID-19, a vaccine that has been withdrawn from the market.