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Cybersecurity is a growing, evolving field that is vital to the survival of organizations and individuals. It can be a challenging yet rewarding career path with many opportunities to pursue.

Increasingly, cybersecurity is a critical business concern due to the increasing number and sophistication of attacks. These attacks can have devastating impacts on businesses, and the economy in general.

A successful cyber security strategy can protect an organization from data breaches that expose sensitive information, damage customer trust, and decrease company profitability. It can also help to prevent a breach that could lead to the loss of critical infrastructure, which is important to public safety and the health of communities.

The importance of cybersecurity has been demonstrated over and over again with recent news of data breaches in the healthcare, finance, retail, energy, military, and hospital sectors to name a few. These breaches have not only cost the organizations a lot of money but also have led to severe reputation damage and loss of customer confidence.

To counter these attacks, cybersecurity professionals need to be on top of the latest developments and techniques in cyber defense. Maintaining up-to-date systems and ensuring security practices are continuously updated can be daunting, especially for small or midsized businesses that do not have the resources to do so.