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Trend Micro said it stopped 146 billion cyber-threats in 2022, a 55% increase on the previous year and evidence that threat actors are widening their reach to companies of all sizes and sectors. In addition, the company’s annual roundup report, Rethinking Tactics, revealed a 242% increase in blocked malicious files and an 86% surge in backdoor malware detections.

The report’s top three MITRE ATT&CK techniques show that threat actors are successfully gaining initial access through remote services, expanding their footprint within networks by credential dumping to utilize valid accounts, and then rebranding themselves in order to stay under the radar of researchers and law enforcers. It is possible that these groups are attempting to capitalize on the monetization of exfiltrated data, which would be a lucrative source of profit.

PC World is a leading online computer and technology magazine that covers everything from hacking to cloud computing, with plenty of articles about cyber security as well. It has a wide audience, including C-suite executives and CISOs.

Signal is a cybersecurity-centric publication for professionals with a print and online magazine, blog, newsletters, eBooks and webinars. The content is primarily focused around cyber, defense, homeland security, intelligence and technology, but it also covers business and other subjects.