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Cloud Security

Cloud Security is the set of policies, controls, procedures and technologies that protect your cloud-based systems, data and infrastructure from cyber attacks. They are designed to support regulatory compliance, safeguard customer privacy and authenticate users, devices and applications.

Ensure User Access is Tightened Through Policy

The most important cloud security best practice is implementing tight control over who can access your cloud resources. This is achieved by using cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) services that enforce the principle of least privilege to allow only users with specific roles to access specific cloud resources.

Review Your Contract And SLA

Another key component of securing your cloud environment is reviewing your service provider’s shared responsibility model. This provides transparency around who owns and controls your data.

Whether you’re using public, private or hybrid cloud services, ensuring your security is up to scratch will help you keep your data protected. This will include a secure network, encryption, and data loss prevention measures.

Hybrid cloud services can be particularly useful for clients that require the scale and accessibility of a public cloud service, but also want the control of onsite backups. The challenge, however, is that the cloud provider may have different data privacy regulations to yours, which can make it difficult to know what happens to your data if you decide to terminate your subscription or move on to another service.

The cloud provider’s security policies should be reviewed before you migrate your business to the cloud. This will help you protect your company’s data and information, while lowering your ongoing administrative costs.