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Cyberthreat News delivers the latest intelligence on cyber threats. We bring together expert analysis and news from the global cybersecurity industry to help you stay on top of key issues.

Cyber threat activity is a growing concern for organizations. It can cause unwanted expenses for companies, including losses from ransomware and stolen funds, disruptions to operations, loss of intellectual property or sensitive information, and reputational damage.

The digital transformation has created new possibilities for cyber threats. These can affect the Canadian economy in a number of ways, such as by lowering productivity and increasing costs.

Criminals often target Canadian businesses with the intent of stealing valuable business information. This could include sensitive customer information, financial data, and intellectual property.

These thefts can have long-term consequences for an organization, such as decreased competitiveness and loss of market share.

A cyber threat actor may also target a point-of-sale (POS) system used by a business by installing malware that can steal customer information, interfere with business operations, make fraudulent purchases, manipulate pricing, and cause other forms of disruption.

Cyber fraud schemes are commonly tied to current events such as elections and tax season. They use these events as a way to get personal information from victims and then sell it on cybercrime marketplaces.

The most recent cyber-attacks are reported here daily. We provide organizations with the information they need to keep their businesses and people safe from these attacks.

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