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Antivirus is a software utility which protects your system from viruses, spyware, malware, rootkits, Trojans and other online cyber threats. The main purpose of antivirus is to scan, detect, and prevent infections on your system and remove them as quickly as possible.

Malware: Viruses are the most common form of malicious software, causing your computer to crash, damage your system and files, and even steal your identity. However, there are other types of malware that can cause you harm as well such as worms and adware.

Spyware: Sometimes, spyware enters into your system and monitors your actions and generates unwanted ads accordingly. It can also encrypt data and make it difficult to recover.

Other Threats: Using your device and data is dangerous without protection, as many threats are unknown and aren’t caught until they’re already on your device or have compromised it to your system. These include phishing attacks, malware websites, and scam apps.

Machine learning: Modern AV systems use machine learning to spot new, altered, or as-yet-unknown malware strains. This method of detection is often more effective than signature-based detection because it can adjust quicker and learn from new and changing threats more efficiently.

Zero-Day Attacks: Hackers continuously create new viruses and other methods to infect your computer, steal your information, or even wreak havoc on your device. Taking basic cybersecurity precautions like avoiding links and attachments in email, staying away from dodgy websites, and downloading only from curated app stores will help you protect your devices.