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Hacking is the art of breaking into computers or networks and taking advantage of security vulnerabilities. It is a crime that can be committed by individuals and groups.

Hackers are motivated by a variety of reasons, from criminal financial gain to street cred within the hacker subculture. They may also seek to gain access to information or to conduct a political or corporate espionage attack.

In the past, hacking was primarily about improving computer systems and software, but with the increase in availability of personal computers and the emergence of the Internet, there has been an explosion in hacking activity. This has led to a rise in hackers seeking financial gain by stealing passwords, social security numbers and other personal data that can be sold on the dark web.

There are a variety of ways that hackers get access to people’s information, including identity theft, phishing scams and malware. They also can use their skills to break into government and military networks to steal information and sabotage the network.

Some hacking techniques include spoofing or re-routing visitors to a fake website. This can be done because a computer uses something called a “DNS record” to look up a web address.

Other methods of hacking are to find and exploit network resource tools or software that allows hackers to access your system remotely. This could be a remote control program or a file transfer program. Using these programs can give hackers the ability to view your files, change your password, or even take over your computer.