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Cybercrime is a broad term that covers a range of crimes involving computer use. They include traditional (offline) criminal activities such as fraud, forgery, money laundering and organized crime and new cyber crimes like identity theft that have arisen because of the Internet.

Despite the growing attention to cybersecurity, cybercrime is still a huge threat for consumers and businesses around the world. The cost to organizations, including reputational damage and lost revenues, can be significant.

The most common types of cyber crime are individual and business-based. These include fraud, defamation and phishing.

In business, phishing attacks often infiltrate an organization’s network and cause it to lose important information. In addition, hackers can infect a company’s computers and phones with viruses or malware.

A business that experiences a hacking attack may lose customer trust and share prices can plummet. It also may have to pay millions in settlements for loss of sensitive data and other costs associated with cyber attacks.

The law governing cybercrime is complex, so it is important to work with a criminal investigation lawyer who has the expertise and experience in dealing with these issues. These investigators can help a business recover from its losses and prevent future cyberattacks from occurring. They can also assist in identifying attackers, gaining access to their networks and computers, and providing assistance with investigations. This allows investigators to follow the traffic of an attack back to its origins, potentially revealing the perpetrator and helping to identify other potential victims.