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Hacking is the process of exploiting software vulnerabilities or other weaknesses within computer systems. This may include gaining access to systems, destroying data or installing malware that can be used to cause harm.

Hackers can be criminals or legitimate figures. Depending on their motivation, hackers may be able to gain a variety of benefits by breaching a system. They may be able to obtain credit card numbers, steal bank account information or defraud banking systems.

They may also seek to achieve street cred within the hacker subculture by vandalizing websites or stealing information from corporate systems to build a reputation among their peers. They may also be motivated by a desire to advance their political or social agenda through computer hacking.

Script kiddies

A hacker who does not have the technical skills to write their own code can often be taught how to break into computer networks through scripts that are published online. These programs manipulate network data to gather intelligence about a target system’s workings.

Criminal hackers can also be found in forums and marketplaces on the dark web. These sites serve as a platform for offering, trading and soliciting illegal hacking services to the public.

There are also ethical hackers, who use their knowledge of hacking to improve their cybersecurity skills. These people often participate in hacking forums where they share tradecraft and offer technical guides for hacking techniques.

While hackers are an important part of our digital world, it is not always a good idea to engage in illegal activities. Trying to break into someone’s computer or network without their permission can cause serious problems and even lead to a lawsuit.