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AI cybersecurity

AI cybersecurity is an emerging field in which companies use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their security. This type of technology is used for everything from malware and ransomware detection to data loss prevention and identity management.

Predicting Cyber Threats

AI systems can predict a range of threats, both known and unknown, by monitoring vast swaths of security data to identify nuanced adversarial attacks. These technologies also help organizations to assess the real-world risks associated with security vulnerabilities and to prioritize responses based on risk.

Keeping Ahead of New Malware

Cybercriminals are constantly evolving their methods to avoid traditional anti-malware scanners. In recent years, they have resorted to using machine learning to build new forms of malware that evade conventional signature-based methods. This is called weaponised AI, and it is one of the major challenges facing cybersecurity professionals.

Smarter Attack Simulations

Another key AI-driven cybersecurity feature is a smarter defense that prevents attacks before they even happen, rather than waiting for the attacker to get to the endpoint. This is achieved through AI-powered simulations that anticipate how an attack will evolve and respond automatically to protect your network from any surprises.

Detecting Zero-Day Malware

The ultimate test for any cybersecurity solution is how it works in real-world scenarios and fits into your organization’s existing security framework. This includes how it improves the security of your infrastructure and whether it can run in offline scenarios without needing to be connected online.