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Hacking is a process that uses computer technology to gain access to confidential information. The process can be done in a number of ways, from phishing emails to malicious scripts, viruses and malware.

In the early days of computers, hackers were usually people who were interested in exploring the limits of the technology. In fact, some of the most creative computer geniuses in history were hackers – Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are among the most famous.

Black Hats: These are unauthorized users who access computer networks and websites with the intention of doing harm to them. They may steal confidential information or data, violate privacy rights to benefit criminal organizations and do other illegal activities.

Grey Hats: This group is between white hats and black hats in terms of intentions. They may exploit a vulnerability to alert the malicious actors of its existence and help to secure the system from further damage.

Blue Hats: This type of hacker carries out hacking for social reasons. They may post personal and confidential data online to ruin reputations or to obtain unauthorized access to email and social media accounts.

Script Kiddies: This category of hackers is usually entry-level hackers who are not technically savvy and often use pre-written scripts to carry out their hacking efforts.

Ethical hacking is a skill that can be used to help organisations strengthen their cyber defenses and protect their valuable data. As a result, it has become a popular career path for those looking to make the transition into the cybersecurity field. It can also be a great way to demonstrate your capabilities and get noticed by employers.