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Cyberthreat News

Cyberthreat News

A broad range of threats are threatening organizations, consumers and businesses worldwide. These threats include computer viruses, data breaches, and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

The most prevalent cyber threat affecting business is ransomware. These attacks lock down a user’s system before requesting payment to unlock it. These incidents are costly and have become increasingly common, with the average cost of a ransomware attack rising to $200,000 in 2020, according to Cybereason.

In addition, attackers are using bots and automated attacks to compromise networks. Huntress Labs R&D Director Jamie Levy busts the old “Mac doesn’t get malware” myth and explains how to protect against MacOS malware.

Hacktivist groups and nation-states are the primary drivers of cybersecurity threats, with state actors launching attacks to steal information. The Russian government is particularly active in cyber espionage.

The US government takes cyber threats seriously, but it is slow to mitigate them. The White House Office of Management and Budget found that 74 percent of federal agencies are at risk for an attack.

Cybersecurity is a growing issue that affects all industries. From government to financial services, it is essential that all entities understand the risks associated with cyberattacks.

Top cyber threats in 2023

We expect cyber attacks to remain a weapon of choice and critical infrastructure will continue to be a key target for attackers. With geopolitical tensions on the rise, this is an environment that requires more robust security.