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Cloud Security

Cloud Security is a huge part of cloud computing. It includes everything from the technical security to the human factor. With the growing use of cloud computing, it is essential to protect data.

Encryption is a powerful tool. It scrambles data and prevents it from being accessed without an encryption key. If a key is lost, the data is meaningless. This technique is especially useful for ensuring that communication is secured.

Aside from encryption, integrity security controls can also be important. These controls are designed to prevent data from being altered in a way that may lead to unintentional changes. Often, malicious actors will breach networks by using compromised credentials.

One of the most common causes of data breaches is misconfigurations in cloud security settings. For example, weak passwords can allow attackers to access sensitive functionality of online accounts. Another cause is reuse of passwords.

Redundancies and integration are important in cloud security. Without them, a single incident can affect multiple organizations. Also, redundancies ensure higher availability.

The US, Singapore and other countries have different laws and regulations related to data security. Some laws mandate strong access controls and regular reporting. Many of these laws are augmented to include cloud services.

As with any infrastructure, cloud-based systems can be vulnerable to security threats. For example, a cloud-based application’s virtual network traffic could be targeted by a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

Moreover, the cloud can make traditional security processes and tools ineffective. To avoid this, IT should perform regular assessments.