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Cybersecurity is a discipline aimed at protecting sensitive data, including personally identifiable information, intellectual property, and financial records. The term is also used to describe the protection of computer systems, networks, and electronic communications.

As technology becomes more and more a part of our lives, the risk of a data breach or cybersecurity incident is becoming more and more widespread. This makes it important to have a multi-layered approach to protecting your company’s data.

One of the most common types of cyberattack is malware. This is when a virus or Trojan injected into an application runs on the user’s system. These malicious programs can cause harm by destroying the system or downloading and storing confidential information to an unknown destination.

Another form of cyberattack involves phishing schemes. In these schemes, a user receives an email that contains a fake link. If they click on the faulty link, they are infected with a trojan that causes damage.

There are other cybersecurity-related practices, such as network penetration tests, that can help identify vulnerabilities in your system. By performing these tests, you can limit the extent of the attacks.

To prevent malware, a good security awareness training program can teach employees how to spot suspicious websites, emails, and links. Additionally, you should keep your incident response plans updated.

Lastly, you can use analytic skills to address security vulnerabilities. These skills are becoming more necessary as attacks continue to become more sophisticated and targeted.