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Ransomware is a malware that encrypts your files and demands you pay a fee to decrypt them. The resulting loss can be thousands of dollars. Unless you have a backup plan, an organization may go offline for days. This affects productivity and revenue.

Fortunately, there are tools that can help detect intruders in your system, including a good antivirus program and an antimalware solution. However, an antimalware solution is just the first step to getting your computer running again.

A more comprehensive approach involves limiting access to the affected device and securing the network. If your system has been compromised, you’ll need an expert to help you restore your data.

One of the most effective ransomware mitigation techniques is to create a backup of your data. Even if you cannot retrieve the data, a good backup should at least give you some peace of mind.

In addition, you should run a root-cause analysis to identify any underlying vulnerabilities. Having this information will allow you to quickly remediate the infection. You can also take advantage of partnerships with international law enforcement to track down the criminals who stole your data.

The best way to keep your system safe is to keep your software up to date. Whether you have a backup plan or not, it is important to have a strong antimalware solution in place. It is always a good idea to disconnect any suspicious devices from the network.

As more attacks and variants of ransomware hit the scene, you’ll need to be prepared. With a good backup plan in place, your computer is less likely to be damaged by other malware or a failed decryption attempt.