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Data Breach

Data breaches occur when a company or individual has an unauthorized access to personal information. This information can be in the form of financial records, health records, passwords, and other sensitive details.

There are many different types of online attacks that aim to cause data breaches. The most common of these is identity theft. But the potential damage to a company’s reputation is also a major issue.

For instance, the Equifax breach affected 145 million American consumers. It revealed a lot of personal data, including birthdates, credit card numbers, and driver’s license numbers.

Another example is the Marriott International hack, which affected 383 million guests. The hackers stole guest reservation data from the hotel. They also took payment card information.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are also at risk of data breaches. This could result in the accidental disclosure of patient records, and a serious situation.

Government organizations and military operations pose a particular risk. If an attacker compromises a government’s infrastructure, they can expose highly sensitive information to foreign parties.

In addition, attackers take advantage of security flaws. Malware can be installed on the company’s website or network. Cybercriminals also send malware through email.

An attacker can use stolen credentials to access a victim’s emails, social media, and online banking accounts. These credentials can be gained through a simple attack on a weak password.

A data breach is also a result of a flaw in a company’s infrastructure. This can include security holes in the company’s website or network, or an external vendor who has a compromised account.