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AI cybersecurity

AI cybersecurity is the application of artificial intelligence for the surveillance and detection of cyber threats. It can be a helpful tool in a wide variety of settings. However, there are a number of considerations that should be made before deploying it.

First and foremost, AI must be unbiased. This means that it should be able to work against both users and adversaries. That means a good security system should be able to explain the results and be able to withstand an attacker’s attempts at deceiving it.

Second, it must be able to respond quickly to attacks. Cybercriminals constantly find new ways to exploit systems. They also use AI to imitate authentic traffic. By detecting anomalies, AI can identify a threat before it causes any damage.

Third, it can provide insights into global and industry-specific threats. It can also help to reduce the amount of false positives that occur during the screening process.

Fourth, it can help organizations monitor their networks for changes in behavior. For example, an AI-based program can detect when users move their mouse and use it to navigate to a website. The software will then analyze this activity to validate users.

Fifth, it can also help companies protect against targeted attacks. For example, an AI-based program that integrates with email security tools can detect phishing emails and spear phishing attacks.

Finally, it can assist company leaders in understanding the user journey on their web pages. The AI can then assess suspicious activities and alert security teams.