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Phishing is a cyber crime where the scammer pretends to be an official organization. The goal is to gather information such as personal data, credit card details, and money transfers. They typically use social engineering techniques to get into the target’s system.

Email phishing is the most common form of phishing. This type of scam sends email messages to users, pretending to be a company or government agency. It may contain links to fake websites.

These types of emails are spoofed, which means that they use a fake domain and logo that looks like the legitimate company or organization. Typically, phishing attacks are targeted at high-value individuals such as executives or employees. However, attackers can also target at-home employees.

Regardless of the tactics employed, a successful phishing attack can compromise the network and steal data. In order to defend against these threats, it’s important to know the key ways to protect yourself.

One of the most obvious ways to identify a phishing email is to see whether the sender is a friend. If the sender is a friend, it’s a good idea to call them before sending them any personal information.

Another way to tell if an email is fraudulent is to look at the URL. A malicious URL asks you to enter your user name and password. You should hover over the link to see its actual URL.

If you don’t feel comfortable, you can always open a security scan to determine if the link is safe. Be wary of email scams that promise gifts or other forms of payment.