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Cyber-security is crucial to protecting sensitive information. Sensitive data can be financial, personal, or intellectual property. Many industries, including healthcare, have experienced major breaches.

Cyber-security threats are evolving, with new technologies, such as Internet-connected devices, offering new opportunities for attacks. Companies that store and transmit large amounts of customer data, as well as other important information, need to protect it from potential hackers.

Cyber-security is a vital practice, but it is also complex. It involves a variety of factors, from user education to a multi-layered approach to prevention.

The threat is evolving rapidly. New technology initiatives have created the need for cybersecurity solutions beyond the traditional data center. Businesses are now targeted by attackers who are driven by a variety of factors, from social and ethical incentives to criminal activity.

Insider threats are also a concern. These include employees, business partners, and clients with system access. Typically, most individuals who bypass security protocols aren’t trained, which means that they aren’t aware of the importance of their actions.

To protect your company from cyber-attacks, start by focusing on the most sensitive data. Next, scale your efforts as your program matures.

The demand for cyber-security workers is expected to continue to grow. This is particularly true for those working in information systems. Those jobs will see four-times more growth than the average computer-related occupation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Several colleges are now offering courses to prepare candidates for a cyber-security career. In addition, many employers are looking for people with certifications. However, cyber-security training can be costly, so companies need to budget for it.