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Cyber-security is a critical component of protecting an organization’s digital assets. More and more information is being stored online and more digital devices are being connected to the Internet.

Having a good cyber-security plan involves a variety of technologies and processes. This includes things like encryption, disaster recovery, and backups. Ultimately, organizations must protect the most sensitive information that they possess, whether it’s customer data or proprietary information.

The best way to combat an attack is by implementing effective key management policies and practices. Make sure that employees receive adequate training to recognize and respond to warning signs of a potential cyber-attack.

Using a two-factor authentication system is essential for high-level user accounts. Also, ensure that your passwords are changed regularly. Be sure to use strong hashing algorithms and salts for the encryption process.

One of the most significant ways to mitigate a security breach is to back up your data. Whether you’re using cloud storage or an on-site backup solution, make sure you have a system in place that will keep your valuable data safe in the event of an attack.

Using a good encryption algorithm and storing your information in a secure data center are important steps to take. Unfortunately, some companies fail to implement these measures.

For instance, they fail to back up their data and the result can be catastrophic. You may also want to consider a forensic investigation, which is the process of recovering data from digital devices.