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Cyber crime is a broad term used to refer to illegal activities that involve computers. It is a category of criminal activity, which includes fraud, extortion, and cyberstalking.

The scope of cybercrime is growing and can be very damaging to individuals, businesses, and governments. In addition to damaging the finances and security of a person, it can also have a major impact on a brand’s reputation.

There are two main categories of cyber crimes: transactional and cyber-enabled. These are crimes that are performed through the use of a computer, such as identity theft, child pornography, and fraudulent securities.

Often, these types of crimes are committed by state-sponsored groups. They use the relative anonymity of the Internet to hide from law enforcement.

Cybercrime is often carried out through the use of viruses and malware, which are malicious software designed to do damage. This can include stealing data or encrypting files.

Data theft and phishing attacks are another form of cybercrime. Criminals can use stolen customer information to sell goods or services to others. Affected individuals can lose sensitive data that can result in legal suits and fines.

Another type of cyber-enabled crime involves stealing classified intelligence. This type of crime can be particularly frightening. State-sponsored groups are known for their ability to carry out attacks against nuclear plants.

The scope of cyber crime is a growing threat and is increasing at a rapid rate. Experts estimate that damages from cybercrime will hit $6 trillion by 2021.