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Cloud Security

Whether you are using a public or private cloud, you will need a comprehensive security solution. Your organization’s infrastructure, data and applications will need to be protected.

One way to protect your data is to encrypt it. You should ensure that it is encrypted at rest, during transit, and in the cloud. In addition, encryption should be turned on by default. This way, your data is secured from both unauthorized access and data loss.

Another effective security solution is to deploy a security monitoring solution. This will help you monitor for anomalous activity, such as unusual users, and logged changes. You should also have a secure file sharing policy that protects sensitive files.

In addition, you should have an identity and access management (IAM) solution that identifies and validates users. You should also implement password management best practices. This is especially important in the case of cloud-based systems, where employees often click on a bad link.

You should also have a change management protocol that identifies, assesses and implements compliance controls. This includes change management, patching, and audits. You should also have security alerts from other AWS services that can be fed to a SIEM.

You should also have a robust discovery process to identify and eliminate shadow IT. This will allow you to know who is accessing your network and what activities may put your company at risk.

You should also have an incident response plan and tools to help you respond to an attack. This will include a SIEM that is specifically designed for cloud platforms, and advanced security analytics.