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Whether you’re working for a business or government agency, you need to know how to protect your data from cyber threats. Today, the risks are greater than ever. In fact, Forbes predicts that the cost of cybercrime will increase by 15 percent annually through 2022.

The most successful attacks are the result of sophisticated, malicious criminals. These attackers use confidence tricks and other techniques to gain access to your personal information. For example, they may breach your bank password or a driver’s license.

To prevent these threats, organizations must conduct a formal risk assessment. This will identify valuable assets and prioritize them based on the impact of a compromise.

Modern security teams will also perform penetration tests and vulnerability assessments. The software and systems that operate in the organization must be secure and capable of operating across multiple environments.

In addition, employees must be educated on how to protect themselves and the company. They must understand what constitutes a security breach, how to report one, and how to follow the company’s policies.

Additionally, all companies can be targeted for customer or corporate espionage. For instance, a hacker who has accessed Wi-Fi credentials can gain access to your personal data.

To protect your data and systems from attackers, you must ensure that you use anti-malware protection. This can prevent malware from locking up files or causing an extortion attempt.

In addition to preventing data breaches, cybersecurity can protect you from phishing and ransomware attacks. These types of attacks lock up files and demand a ransom in the form of Bitcoin.