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Cloud Security

Whether your company is implementing a private, public, or hybrid cloud, it is important to have a sound approach to cloud security. Without proper protection, your workloads can become compromised, resulting in performance or data breach. It is also important to take a proactive approach and make sure to encrypt your data.

Defining and monitoring user authorization is an essential part of cloud security. It helps ensure that users have access to only the information they need to complete their tasks. This allows IT to monitor activity and identify activities that may put the organization at risk.

It is also important to encrypt data when moving it between clouds. This is especially true when using a cloud storage service. The data should be encrypted at rest, when stored in a database, and when it is being transmitted. This prevents an attacker from reading or using it.

A comprehensive cloud security platform includes all of these services. It also provides insight into traffic by location, by server, and by user. It offers real-time monitoring and support. This makes it easier to identify threats and respond quickly.

Cloud infrastructures are dynamic, and they must be monitored for misconfigurations. These misconfigurations create openings for malicious insiders. They can also cause overly permissive privileges on accounts, which can be detrimental to business.

The control plane is a key element of cloud security. It is composed of API calls, tools that manage cloud operations, and access points that allow users to interact with cloud resources. These areas need to be secure from any place on the Internet. If these areas are not secured, attackers can gain privileged access and modify the access of others.