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Generally, a botnet is a network of computer systems, or computers, which are connected to the Internet. Bots are often used for sending spam emails, but they can also perform DDoS attacks.

A botnet can be a network of devices that are controlled by a single “bot master” or “bot herder.” This can be a single server, or it can be a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. The botmaster or herder can use the bots to perform a variety of tasks. The bots can collect and process user data, perform DDoS attacks, monitor user activity, and more.

The botmaster can also sell the user credentials he or she has gathered online for profit. The botmaster can then rent out the botnet to other cybercriminals for DDoS attacks, or use the bots to perform spam campaigns.

A botnet is composed of millions of devices. This makes it hard to detect an attack. Typically, the attacker begins by exploiting a security flaw in a device. He or she then infects the device with malware, which connects the device to a central botnet server. The botmaster can then rent out the device to other cybercriminals for DDoS or spam attacks, or use the device to collect keystrokes.

The botmaster can also control the infected device by changing its behavior. This includes tying up a phone connection, changing phone numbers, or forcing the user to switch numbers. Depending on the device’s capabilities, regaining control may require reformatting the device or flashing the firmware.