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Data Breach

Regardless of the size and scope of the data breach, there are many steps you can take to protect your organization. These include developing a comprehensive communications plan, anticipating questions from customers, and educating staff about the risks associated with a data breach.

In addition, you need to identify the threat actors responsible for the breach. This can help you prevent additional attacks. Depending on the type of information you have lost, you may need to investigate and report to law enforcement.

You may also have to deal with legal disputes related to the breach. For example, if you lose PII, you may have to file a suit against the breached organization.

While you’re evaluating your situation, you should also consider whether you should notify affected individuals. Notifying them early will limit the damage to them.

You should also review the access privileges of your service providers and make sure they are taking the necessary steps to secure your data.

A forensics expert can help you monitor exit points and entry points. They can analyze your logs to determine who had access when the breach occurred. They can also analyze the preserved data and help you determine if access was needed, if it was removed, or if it was not enabled during the time the breach occurred.

If the data is stored on portable devices, such as a laptop, it is important to secure them. Attackers can take them from staff or steal them.