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Cloud Security

Using a cloud security solution can give organizations a more secure environment for storing data. It can also lower ongoing operational costs and make data readily available to authorized users.

A comprehensive cloud security platform gives insight by location, endpoint device, traffic, and more. These tools help security teams identify suspicious activity and vulnerabilities. It also helps them patch known vulnerabilities.

An advanced attack begins with an endpoint. It then moves across multiple computing environments. To be effective, the security solution must offer visibility across all of these environments.

A cloud-native security control system is also necessary to secure the flow of content. This includes encrypting data to prevent it from being read by an attacker. Encryption also helps establish trust.

A good cloud security solution should also include a set of guardrails to prevent misbehavior. These guardrails may include limiting the number of connections, implementing break-glass strategies, and using cloud-native security controls.

A good cloud security solution also includes a set of tools to help identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. These tools can help the security team scan for vulnerabilities, discover EC2 instances, and check policy violations.

A comprehensive cloud security platform can also give insight into the requests and actions of a user. These tools include a user activity monitoring solution, an audit tool, and a vulnerability management solution.

These tools should be integrated with other data sources, as well as other applications, to provide more context and visibility. This includes a unified view of all data and connections.