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Data Breach

Essentially, a data breach is a security violation. It’s when a cyberattacker gains access to a system and subsequently uses or shares information that was stored there.

Various states and jurisdictions require notification of security breaches. Depending on the type of information involved, there may be additional laws in place.

Data breaches can occur due to negligence, human error, or a simple oversight by an individual. However, the scale of a breach and the types of data affected will determine the adverse effects.

Intentional data breaches occur when an attacker gains access to a system. They often use a litany of strategies to gain login credentials. If a cybercriminal is able to gain access to sensitive information, they can then use the data for fraudulent purposes. They can also copy or transmit the information.

Data leaks occur when an insider or trusted individual steals data. These individuals will sometimes intentionally share the data with the intent to harm the company.

Another common way to cause a data breach is to use malicious software. Often, these software programs are embedded into email attachments or websites. These malicious programs are designed to make a computer vulnerable to hacking. The software can also be installed onto a computer, making it possible for an attacker to use the computer.

Another way to cause a data breach is to lose or steal equipment that contains confidential information. Hackers can also use botnets, which are large groups of infected computers. They can then gain access to multiple computers at the same time.