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During the 1980s, computers became available to the general public. This led to an increase in the number of people involved in hacking. These hackers attempt to break into a system and gain access to its data. This can result in the theft of personal data and other sensitive information.

Hacking has developed into an industry, with several billion dollars in profits. Often, hackers are young males who are eager to acquire more computer knowledge.

Hacking involves the use of a stealthy technique that will trick the user into opening malicious attachments or giving up sensitive personal data. This technique is also known as social engineering.

Hacking is often conducted by people who are motivated by revenge or a sense of power. They may also be interested in gaining recognition for their skills. Some hackers take advantage of social networking sites to advertise their activities. Others use their skills to advance a political agenda.

Some hackers are employed by government organizations or nation states. These organizations may use hackers to gain access to government documents, interfere with elections, or cause political unrest.

Hacking has also been used as a form of civil disobedience. A group of hackers known as Anonymous meets online to defame websites and other organizations. They also hijack websites to post messages and leave messages on them.

Some hackers are also known as Script Kiddies. These hackers use pre-written scripts and tools to gain access to systems.