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Traditionally, a botnet is a group of infected computers networked together. These computers are used to launch spam campaigns. There are several types of botnets, each with a different set of attack types.

Botnets are controlled by a bot-master. The bot-master uses proxies to hide his identity. The bot-master is also known as an operator, a botherder, or a controller.

Cyber criminals may use botnets for a wide variety of reasons, from state-sponsored disruption to activism. A single bot can cause great damage to a single computer, and a group of millions can cause tremendous damage to an entire network.

Botnets are often created through malicious web sites or phishing emails. The websites can remain undetected by law enforcement and can distribute spyware and ransomware.

Historically, botnets were small, but they have expanded in size and capability in recent years. Now, a botnet can control hundreds of thousands of devices.

Creating a botnet is relatively easy, and can be accomplished in locations with weak law enforcement and geographic areas with limited regulation. It is also relatively inexpensive to hire botnet services online, making it a lucrative business.

Creating a botnet requires an attacker to gain access to a device that is connected to the Internet. This can be accomplished in many ways, including by exploiting vulnerabilities in the device’s software or browser. Once the attacker has access, the bot programs will be installed on the device. The bot programs will then give the attacker remote control over the device.